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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Customer Service.... IS A COOKBOOK!

As I mentioned, I spent Saturday tearing up the kitchen subfloor as fast as I could so the guy could come back and install the new floor.  Only, of course, he didn't install the new subfloor on Saturday.  He had mentioned coming back on Sunday.  That didn't happen either.

I bet you're thinking that they came on Monday, but that's silly isn't it.

So the crew finally showed up yesterday and installed the new floor.

Today, the finishing crew was to come in and sand and put the first finish coat on the floor.  And wasn't I just adorable to think that they would?

I had to make several belligerent phone calls to make sure that the company - Dilley Floors of Southbury, CT - showed up tomorrow, Friday and Saturday so that we can get our kitchen and dining room back.  You see the stove is in the family room, the dining room table is in the small office and the refrigerator is on the deck.

Our backyard looks like Appalachia.

The fascinating thing to me in my interaction with contractors, is that a little customer service goes a long, long way.  If you just show up when you say you will show - which I think we can admit is a pretty low bar - you're aces.  For the most part, everyone we've hired has done solid work.  But it's the guys who show up - or at least CALL when they can't make it - that I will hire again.

Dilley Floors of Southbury, CT?  Never hiring them again.

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