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H.L. Mencken

Monday, April 15, 2013

No Cheater Left Behind

One of the problems with "high stakes testing" is the tremendous pressure it puts on adults to produce certain scores on tests that assess along a narrow band of intelligence and education.  The Atlanta scandal is a great case in point.

Michelle Rhee has been a leading voice for high stakes testing and "holding teachers accountable".  John Merrow - whom I've met, as he's an alum of my school and frequent speaker here - unloads a huge can of whupass on her legacy.

This - in conjunction with a presentation I saw on Friday by Dr. Howard Gardiner on multiple intelligences - further confirms that high stakes testing tends to warp the educational process.  And as the parent of a kid who is quite intelligent in many ways, but struggles in others, I have to say that the sooner we can stab a stake through the heart of this pressure cooker, the better.

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