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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Walking Dead Midseason Finale Liveblog

Watching last week's episode - The Re-Triumph of the Governor - and I have to say, I'm back to being ambivalent about the Governor's return.  Great episode, watching him bounce back from being Brian to being the Governor.  But the arc was probably too fast.  He kills Martinez for offering him a share of the crown and then grabs it himself five minutes later.

Basically the second half of this mid-season has been setting up a renewed clash between the Governor and the Group.  Interestingly, it was not the Governor feeding the Walkers.
How do you capture Michonne?

I call bullshit.
Now we know why they call him the Governor. Silver tongued sociopath.

Lily is the new Andrea.

That little scene between Herschel and the Governor is maybe the best 30 seconds of the show.
Is there any "Brian" left?  Or is it all Governor?

So, Glenn and Maggie... They still alive?

BTW, I don't think Glenn will be that happy the Governor is still alive.

And, at last, the confrontation between Rick and Daryl.  And at this moment, the Gov returns.  Nice structure.

Does anyone notice that Herschel and Michonne have been missing for a day?

Hmm, the psychopath on the inside... still guessing that it's that crazy girl.
Governor leaves the only thing he cares about alone?  Brilliant.

Yeah, saw that coming...
Psycho Carl is back.  Maybe Carl is the Interior Psychopath?  Nah.

Yeah, as soon as Herschel smiled, you knew he was a dead man.

Sin begets sin.  The Governor has become irredeemably lost.

Wow.  Big finale to the half-season...
Typical Walking Dead.  They can hit a Walker between the eyes, but can't hit human center mass.

Nice body count.

I was expecting Michonne to be the one...



Judith?  Messed up.  Messed up.

Lily with the coup de grace?  Nice.

Wow, Clara?  Wow.

That was a great episode.

Nice to see they haven't lost their storytelling chops with all the turnover on the show.

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