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H.L. Mencken

Thursday, April 3, 2014

More Guns

In the aftermath of Sandy Hook, the immoral death eaters at the NRA said that if only there had been armed guards at an elementary school Adam Lanza wouldn't have been able to slaughter children.

Yesterday, at a military base that has already seen a mass shooting, another gunman killed multiple people.  At a military base.  With armed guards.  Not some wannabe mall cop at an elementary school, a military base that increased security since its LAST shooting spree.

More guns don't make us safe.  This was always true.  Look at countries with strict gun control laws.  They don't have the incidents of murder that we have.

We are sacrificing our sons and daughters for a lie.

An armed society is not a free society or a polite society.  It is a society drenched in fear and blood.  But the bloodshed at Ft. Hood won't make a dent on the minds of those who feverishly love their arsenals and lust for more.  Theirs is not a rational position; it never was.

There is a separate point to be made, perhaps, about the psychological costs of Iraq and Afghanistan and how we will see more shooting like this as the damaged men come home from years of slaughter and mayhem into a society that says "Thank you for your service" but doesn't acknowledge that we send young men (and increasingly young women) into combat, have them kill for us, bear wounds for us and then bring them home and set them adrift.

But right now, there is more blood on the hands of the NRA and there isn't enough water in the world to wash it off.

UPDATE: TBogg reads gun nuts so you don't have to.

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