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H.L. Mencken

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Somehow We Are Failing Our Boys

I just had what felt like the fiftieth conversation with a friend whose boy is having real trouble in school.

What was interesting, is that both her husband and I recall being miserable in school, but we didn't act out the way boys do today.  School has always been hard on kinetic young boys, but what I can't tell is why boys are struggling more in their response to those difficulties.

Is it because we are expecting more from all kids at younger ages, and that is harder on boys, who begin to feel like failures?  Is it because we have a zero tolerance for boyish hijinks - which can often be somewhat violent or dangerous?  Could it actually be that boys are now spending TOO MUCH time with their fathers and picking up all the bad aspects of manhood without the governor of maturity?

Whatever the cause, I'm beginning to see well adjusted young boys as the exception, not the rule.

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