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H.L. Mencken

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Walking Dead Liveblog

Well, we're back.  Let's see what Terminus has in store for us.  Cannibalism?  I think that's all that's left.
Well, I guess the FCC doesn't have much say over AMC.

OK, that was a helluva cold opening.  And I do mean cold.
Carol might be the baddest ass in a show full of badasses.

And she's got a little MacGyver in her, too.

At what point does Tyrese turn hardass?
OK, Rick's kind of a badass, too...

"We're still those people, we have to be."

Yeah, whatever lets you sleep at night, Glenn.
Teddy Bears... Jesus.

Greg Nicotero is a sick, sick man.

I'm guessing Tyrese is about to go full maniac.
Respect the Mullet.

Daryl and Carol.  I got verklempft.

Rick and Carol.  More verklempft.

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