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H.L. Mencken

Monday, April 18, 2016

This Will Be Interesting

Tomorrow is a critical day for the Democratic contest for the nomination.  Sanders has run up an impressive string of victories, but they have not netted him a tremendous amount of delegates.  If Clinton can pull off a 5-10 point win tomorrow, she arrests his momentum ahead of next Tuesday's large slate of primaries.  After a bunch of time on Sanders turf, the campaign now swings back to Clinton's turf, but she needs a solid win to re-establish herself as the candidate to beat.

Now comes word from our neighbors to the west that apparently a lot of Sanders voters are unaware that they actually have to be Democrats to vote in the Democratic primary.  As John Cole helpfully points out, this is not vote suppression; this is party rules.  In fact, some Sanders supporters knew the rule, but just couldn't bring themselves to becoming Democrats, even for a few months.

And here we see again the political problems of Sanders "revolution."  He can rail against the existing system all he wants, but he's going to find it very hard to win over that system.  You want to know why only one of his Senate colleagues have supported Sanders over Clinton?  Here's a pretty example of why.

I can hardly wait for the caterwauling from the Sandernistas when they discover that they actually have to be Democrats to vote tomorrow.

UPDATE:  Cole goes Full Cole.

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