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H.L. Mencken

Thursday, May 4, 2017


"And then we said, let's fuck over MORE people!"

There is some general wailing and rending of garments about what the House GOP did today with their repeal bill.  OK, it's an objectively awful piece of legislation.  I get that it brings us closer to a very bad outcome for tens of millions of Americans.

But I felt this was always going to pass the House.  I was gobsmacked that it didn't pass within the first month.

Anyway, the Senate has always been the battleground.  As it is, the House GOP just voted for a shitburger of a bill that will only become less popular once someone actually reads and scores the damned thing. Josh Marshall has something called the Iron Law of Republican Politics, which is "the moderates always cave."  His benchmark was impeachment, which was an objectively dumb idea at the time and seen as such.  The moderates in the House did, indeed, cave.  But quite a few Senate Republicans balked at removal, because the Senate isn't the House.

So, yes, maybe the Senate moderates do cave.  But I have a feeling the coverage of this bill is going to get worse, not better.  I know Susan Collins wants to be governor of Maine, so she's not going to vote for it.  Rob Portman is already a "no".  I think Lisa Murkowski's a pretty strong "no".  Tom Cotton seemed like a "no" earlier.

In fact, the Senate has decided to "start from scratch."  That can't make the Freedumb Caucus happy.

Anyway, they voted for the shitburger.  They own it whether it passes the Senate or not.

They would strip health care from millions of Americans just to satisfy this smug prick that he fulfilled his Randian duty to starve some grannies.

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