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H.L. Mencken

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The View From The Other Side

I have been on call at my father's sick bed and he tends to watch a lot of Fox News.  A lot.

We have brokered an agreement where when I come in the room, he hits mute, but I've heard a ton of Fox propaganda simply by being under the same roof.

Basically Obamacare is a terrible, terrible failure that is failing in a failure-type way every failing day.

Except, you know, it's not.

My father - being himself - wanted to pick a fight on Medicaid expansion to people who are working.  I demurred, but the idea that everyone on Medicaid is either unemployed or loafing or both is a pernicious lie.  If you make, as a single person, about $15,000 a year and don't get insurance through your employer, you get it through Medicaid.  (The baseline goes up with the number of people in your household.)  Many of those people work part-time here and there, either because they are single parents or their employers keep them under 30 hours a week so they don't have to offer health insurance.  Maybe they are self-employed.

We give them health insurance through Medicaid.

His nurse's assistant today was railing against that, because why should someone who won't work (again, false about Medicaid) get health insurance?

And as long as that is our attitude about health care, we will remain a cruel, petty people.

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Steve Le said...

In the past two years, as a self-employed person, I've qualified for Obamacare and would hate to lose it. I suppose someone can point the finger at me and say I should go find employment to get health insurance, but for some reason even the most conservative people I've met have not done that. I'm guessing that things from a distance look different than when they're up close.