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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Polling Numbers Are Weird

There has started a trickle of head-to-head polling on the Presidential race.

What's fascinating is that the National numbers show a tied race or a race slightly tilted in Romney's favor.

But the state polls show a lot of promise for Obama.

For instance, Gallup has R-Money up 47-44 and Rasmussen has him up 49-44.  Reuters has Obama up 49-42.

Now two of those outfits, Gallup but especially Rasmussen, tilt to the GOP in their samples.  But when you go to state polls you see stuff like this:

Iowa (PPP): Obama 51-41
Ohio(PPP): Obama 50-43

If Obama wins Iowa and Ohio, he wins the election.

I guess the "it's early" caveat is in order here, but that's an unusual amount of noise in the polling.

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