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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Your Week In The Wingnutosphere


Let's see...

The RNC has changed its nominating process in order to sideline the Herman Cains, the Michelle Bachmans and the Mitt Romneys... oops, no, apparently they want MORE Mitt Romneys.  Because this is designed to help the Big Money Establishment candidate.

Meanwhile, one of the previous Big Money Establishment candidates, a certain John McCain has been censured by the Arizona GOP, for being insufficiently conservative.  McCain's sins are three fold.  First, he has embraced the common sense, necessary immigration reform that George Bush wanted to pass and that is essential to any GOP plan to eat away at the growing demographic gap.  Second, he has relented to the realities of the ACA - it's passed, it's law - and perhaps even acquiesced in Jan Brewer's acceptance of Medicaid expansion.

The third and unstated objection is that John McCain is a national Republican, not an Arizona Republican.  He's the senior Senator from Meet the Press.

Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee said... something about lady parts.  And when a middle aged GOP man starts talking about lady parts, pull up a chair.  Apparently, Huckabee equates the ACA contraception provision - which is designed to give women more control over their reproductive choices and hopefully lead to fewer abortions - with a Democratic view of women as only being libidos contained in uteri with feet.  In other words, he creates a straw man so bizarre and off putting that it almost has to be a Freudian slip (as Kathleen Parker suggests).

The midterm elections in 2014 could be rough for the Democrats.  The House remains gerrymandered.  The Senate has many more Democratic incumbents on the ballot, including some very vulnerable open seats in South Dakota and Montana.

The RNC wants to make sure there are no more Todd Akins winning Senate primaries or Michelle Bachman winning straw polls.

But while "savvy" Republicans in DC - like John McCain - may understand that Republicans have to reach out to women and Hispanics, the rest of the GOP remains committed to repressing minority votes and telling women what to do with their naughty bits.

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