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H.L. Mencken

Friday, June 20, 2014

What A Dick

Dick Cheney's recent emesis spewed upon the pages of the Wall Street Journal has prompted some vigorous reactions.

TBogg, for instance, wishes that the former Vice President and current undead creature of the night would STFU already.  Jon Chait suggests that we should hear more from Cheney, since cutting of debate is as unhealthy as Cheney's withered heart.

In the past year, Obama has given up on the idealistic and naive position he took back at the 2004 convention when he gave his face keynote address.  He has come to see that the GOP's basic position has been to reject any and all compromise, that they are a clown car of obstructionist, nullifiers and crackpots.

Which is what makes his decision in 2008 not to prosecute Cheney, Addington, Yoo and the other creators of the torture regime all the more regrettable.

Now, it's been pretty clear that the GOP has been trying to force a Democrat from the White House ever since Watergate.  They want their own Nixon-type scalp.  Hence the bizarre Benghazi fetishists.  And if Obama were to prosecute Cheney and his coven of torture enthusiasts, you can be damned sure that the next GOP President would prosecute Obama for forging his birth certificate and insuring millions of Americans.

But at some point, the rule of law should apply to the Dick Cheney's of the world.  He remains among the foulest creations that American politics has retched up.  A product of the Nixon/Ford White House, a coward who advocated for Vietnam while seeking out deferments and imperialist executive absolutist who abhors the nature of checks and balances.

And the man probably most responsible for getting us into Iraq.

Most figures in history have some redeeming qualities.  Nixon gave us the EPA and opened China.  Reagan saved Social Security and embraced immigration reform.  Dubya... I dunno, Medicare Plan D?  He has been great on AIDS in Africa.

But Cheney has added nothing to the history of this country but shame, bloodshed and ignominy.

And he should be behind bars.

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