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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Welcome South Brother

Google Fiber is expanding from three cities (Kansas City, Austin and Provo) to four more (Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham).  Timothy Lee suggests that this is good news for everyone, because other cable providers will feel the need to keep up.  Fiber optic internet is 10-50 times faster than other forms of internet, and America's internet infrastructure is a joke compared to other comparable economies.

It is interesting to me that Google has picked Southern cities (KC and Utah are close enough) to pilot Google Fiber.  Is this because those cities have poor internet and therefore the improvement will be most profound?  Is this because those states have lax regulatory oversight, which makes Google's task easier?  Is this a cost issue or a benefit issue?

The four Southern cities are all pretty well integrated into the global economy, so maybe they feel the benefit will be higher.

If this works, they will expand next in Portland, San Jose, Salt Lake City and Phoenix.  Curious that they don't want to hit New York, Boston or Chicago.

And of course, the really underserved areas are rural.  As always.

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