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H.L. Mencken

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Obama vs The Five Supremes

So, once again, the ACA is working great.

That puts the spotlight onto the Five Conservative Supremes.  King v Burwell is a freaking joke.  It should have been dismissed with prejudice.  My faith in the Court would be redeemed some if it went down 7-2.  I trust Scalia and Thomas not at all.

But as we see from the above story, the Supremes have proven adept at subtly undermining the law while letting the bulk of it stand.  When they allowed states to opt out of Medicaid they basically rewrote generations of law to allow for certain states to reject a national program because Obama.

The result is that states that have taken advantage of the Medicaid deal have pretty close to universal coverage, those that don't...don't.

Let's see the GOP run on Repeal and....Whatever now.

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