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Sunday, June 14, 2015

What The Hell Game Of Thrones?

Cave Hic Spoilers...

So, after killing off one of the nicest characters in the show - sweet Shereen - they pull a nifty screw you to the viewers: they kill off another sweet little girl and do it in a way where there's little chance you will be talking about it tomorrow.  One thing you can count on: If you start to feel warm and fuzzy during a scene, it will go dark in ways that astonish you.  (Except for the reunion of Tyrion and Varys.  I felt cheated when they were separated.  Glad to see them back together again.)

Also, if you think something is dark...just wait.  Ask Cersei about that.  Her "walk of shame" was an amazing piece of acting, if Lena Headey doesn't win massive awards for her performance in that scene alone, there is no justice.   You could see the wheels turning, even as she hid them from the High Sparrow.  "Get me to the Red Keep and I will have my revenge."  Instead, she became unmade during that walk.  However, I think that she won't take long to regather herself and do some cleansing of her own, especially now that Kevan is back and she has an undead monster at her beck and call.

I'm sure there will be endless discussions of the misogyny of the show.  In fact, what the show does is demonstrate just how fragile rules of morality are.  And when those rules break, women are often the first to suffer.  As Jaime says, You're lucky if an arranged marriage is a happy one.  Right, Sansa?

Oh, are Sansa and Theon dead?  Who knows?  And did we really see Brienne kill Stannis?  Whatever.  Was Dany captured by the Dothraki?  Meh.  Arya's blind?  OK.

WTF happened to Jon Snow?!?!?!?!

He went from being Emo Snow to being a worthy character and hero.  And he gets repeatedly stabbed for that?

The general feeling on the Internets is that Melisandre will resurrect him, which I guess would be interesting.  Or perhaps it is now time for Lady Stormheart to make an appearance?

You have to give these sadists credit.  They know how to keep an audience hooked.

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