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H.L. Mencken

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Was Trump Tapped?

Almost certainly, no.

The Washington Post lays out the claims and their possible sources in this article.  It sounds like the FBI was investigating cash transfers from Russia to either the Trump campaign or people associated with the Trump campaign.  They asked the FISA court for a warrant twice before they were approved.

There is, as everyone knows by now, zero evidence of Obama tapping Trump's phone for political purposes.  What is most obviously missing from this account is Obama actually, you know, using the information from Trump's phone to influence the election.  (More's the pity...)  The rather conspicuous absence of the USE of any phone taps in October is a pretty glaring example that Trump is lying.

What we also know is that intelligence fears about Trumpelthinskin's Russian connections have continued to grow through November.  Put another way: What did the FBI find out when they may or may not have searched Trump's bank records or bank server?

It would be deliciously funny if Trump's call for an investigation means that the FBI can openly reveal what they have currently been slowly leaking.

"Why, yes, we did conduct a search of Trump's finances, and we found large payments from a Russian bank, that appear to be in violation of US campaign finance laws."


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