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H.L. Mencken

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jim DeMint Just Doing What Republicans Do

Jim DeMint is leaving the Senate to spend more time with Karen Hughes' family.  That last part is not intended to be a factually true statement.

People are shocked - flummoxed even - that DeMint would leave his prime sinecure as the head of the senatorial Krazy Kaucus in order to become head of an outside group that represents the Krazy Kaucus.

First of all, the money is almost certain to be better at the Heritage Foundation than in the lowly Senate.  Which I guess makes DeMint a job creator or something.

Second, DeMint rankled a lot of Republicans by promoting Tea Party misfits that kept the GOP from winning control of the Senate.  This was especially galling because DeMint is in the Senate leadership.

Third, DeMint - as a prototypical Teatard - has no interest in actually governing, or as we Democrats like to call it: Gift Giving Christmas the Holidays.  He was there to oversee the radical dismantling of the welfare state, which means Social Security and Medicare by the way, not to preside over the sort of fractious, mean spirited minority that only bestirs itself to push people in wheelchairs over the fiscal cliff (or something).

The Senate is unlikely to be any better or worse with DeMint leaving.  He was a terrible hindrance to that chamber accomplishing anything, but that will be true of the man who takes his place.  And what's more, in the Senate, any idiot can be a terrible hindrance to that chamber accomplishing anything.  It's mildly amusing that DeMint wants Governor Haley to appoint the only African American Republican in the House to take his place.

Because if there is one thing that African Americans and other brown people are clamoring for, it's more tokenism.

Elections have consequences, I guess.  And the consequence for Jim DeMint is that he's tired of being the Vice-President of Losertown.

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