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H.L. Mencken

Friday, March 7, 2014

Paul Ryan Might Be A Pathological Liar

I was going to write about how Paul Ryan pissed me off, so let me start with that.

Yesterday, the Zombie Eyed Granny Starver got up at the yearly clown show that is CPAC and created a whopper of a strawman to attack.

He said, roughly, that there was a kid who didn't want a free school lunch, but a bag lunch, because that meant someone cared about him.  Fair enough.

But then he created his strawman, which is that liberals don't understand that people don't want school lunches they want lunches made by mom or dad.

Screw you, dude.

In fact, what liberals care about is that the little kid gets a lunch, period.  What we care about is that kids who come from disadvantaged families don't have to go hungry.

Yes, we would prefer that they can bring lunches from home.  That's kind of why Democrats support things like the minimum wage and food stamps.  The idea is to allow the working poor more dignity and resources to live their life.

So, screw you, Paul Ryan.

But then it gets better.

Turns out the story he told didn't happen at all like he said it did.

Two things: First, Paul Ryan is now the GOP frontrunner, because he combines Nixon's honesty, Bush's homespun diction and Romney's warmth for the 1%.

Second, this party - that persists to live in a world of lies - could win control of the Senate this fall.

ADDED: Robert Schlesinger points out a fundamental contradiction at the heart of Ryan's appeal.  Let me clarify to for him.  The Americans who seek the "dignity of work" are different from those who want to "turn the safety net into a hammock."  The difference in the GOP's mind can be explained with a word that rhymes with "black".

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