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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Walking Dead Liveblog - Season Finale

Ah!  Herschel!

You know, Scott Gimple - the latest "showrunner" - has a really good sense of how to set a story.  Great opening.
"Who are we?"  Apparently people who allow guys to die.

"You get to come back."  This finale seems to be about Rick going back into the darkness.

Nice that they are getting back to the desperation of the road.

Wow.  Getting the confrontation into it early.
Don't put down the crossbow, Daryl.

Oh... damn...
Rick's a better brother than Merle, by the way...

Still wondering what Terminus really is.  I guess we are about to find out.

Michonne is a better mother than Lori, by the way...

So suddenly this is Monsters, Inc?

OK...So Terminus is about as bad as we might have thought.
Did they just kill off a whole bunch of regulars?  Couldn't have.  Glenn, Maggie, hell, they just added Abe.

Post-apocalyptic Legos...

Once again, no one in the apocalypse can shoot unless it's walkers. (I guess they meant to miss.)

Oh, and they are cannibals.

This is going to be a ridiculous cliffhanger.
It's a veal pen.

Ah, there are the regulars!

Looks like Tyrese and Carol to the rescue!

Yes.  Yes they are screwing with the wrong people.

I like this half season, because it was about character development.  The Governor story got tedious, but this could be very interesting.

And, Rick Agonistes was never THAT interesting.  Rick Badass is much more interesting.

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