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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Walking Dead liveblog

Looks like we will be spending some time with Daryl MoFo Dixon.

Which means the guys writing dialogue get some time off.

So far, this is a nice storyline.  So different from the others.

I think Beth has always been an underwritten character.  Could be a chance to remedy that.

So...will this be the only storyline tonight?  I've rather enjoyed the multiple storyline format.
Nice set-up of Daryl's survival skills.  He knows what to take from a car, knows how to set up a camp, knows to go through people's pockets.

And now we have Walker pinatas!

This is pretty standard horror movie stuff.  Dark rooms, can do better Walking Dead!

Too bad.  Beth lost her wine.

So, let me get this straight.  A bunch of apparently wealthy people took refuge during the apocalypse in a golf club?  Couldn't there be a joke in here somewhere?

Tempis fugit indeed.  Maybe Beth could lend a hand?  Or is there another horror movie trope, where the girl stands around helpless?

"Peach Schnapps.  Is it good?"
And this is why Daryl is the most popular character on the show.
(That, and his impending sensitivity towards Beth.)
"Your first drink ain't gonna be no Peach Schnapps."
Is getting shit faced on the run during the apocalypse REALLY a smart move?

I think Beth is trying to do more than get drunk.  She's trying to get a little jiggedty.
Daryl, I think is a mean drunk.


It's only safe to hug Daryl Mofo Dixon from behind.  This is a true thing.

Lot of commercials...
Is this some sort of counter programming for the Oscars?  Because - while it's good - it's not as strong as the rest of the new season.

It's an ensemble, but Reedus is the clear breakout star of the show.  He just showed why.

Is Daryl gay?  I mean, Beth is really cute and pretty much all over Daryl.  Maybe it's his lack of self confidence, but it was the same with Carol.

Ummm, you've just started a bonfire.  You should run like hell before every walker in the county comes for dinner.

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