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H.L. Mencken

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Koch Suckers

Apparently one invisible primary is over and Scott Walker won.

You can't hardly be a GOP Anybody without a Somebody letting you know that you have access to their billions.  And now Scott Walker has the biggest Somebodies on his team.  Having the Kochs in your corner doesn't guarantee that Walker will be the nominee, but tradition has it that the GOP tends to fall in line behind the "Establishment."  It is an open question who the "Establishment" in the GOP is anymore, but the Kochs are certainly in the discussion.

Jeb "JEB!" Bush is running the same sort of campaign that Hillary ran in 2008 and Mitt ran in 2012: I'm inevitable; give up.  But Walker is a legit candidate - in his own way - and having the Kochs back him is an important milestone in his candidacy.

Walker probably looks stronger to the Kochs than he actually is.  His victory in the recall election probably has more to do with the difficulty of having a successful recall than any broad endorsement of his policies.  And if Clinton runs a more economically populist campaign - as there are signs of her doing - then Walker's anti-union policies won't be helpful in exactly the sort of Rust Belt states that the Kochs think he might pick off.

Walker has a plausible claim to being the frontrunner, along with Bush and improbably Ted Cruz.  Rubio and Paul are hanging around the periphery, but those three top guys each have their own constituency.

Walker represents the Libertarian Plutocrats, like the Kochs, who want to turn the government into a funnel of resources to them, while denying those resources to everyone else.

Bush represents some of the Old Line Fat Cats, the Wall Street bankers, who don't want to muck about in the Culture Wars, but want their Corporate Government back.

Cruz, most fascinatingly, represents the seething Tea Party Id that thinks the world is on fire and might be secretly pleased that it is.

Rubio represents...hell if I know.

Paul's constituency is Republicans who like to smoke pot and visit prostitutes.

So, why not Walker?

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