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H.L. Mencken

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New Hampster Post-Mortem

So, Bernie nailed it.  He won by over 20%, though that only netted him four additional delegates.  Unlike Obama's challenged to the Clinton Restoration, Sanders has very few Superdelegates and is unlikely to get many.

(Side note: Clinton needs to embrace being part of the Establishment, I'll write about that later.)

The GOP side was much more interesting.

Trump did what he needed to do, win by a large margin.  Kasich had a great night, but he also may have peaked.  I find Kasich the most appealing of the Republican field, which is a pretty good indicator that he won't win the nomination.

Cruz, I think, did all right.  New Hampshire is a terrible place for him, but he emerged with a couple of delegates.  He will, however, have to do much better in South Carolina.  Bush did well enough to keep plugging away, but as with Kasich, the map turns against him soon enough.

And the Ru-Bot... Who says debates don't matter?  (Actually, I've said that.  I guess I was wrong.)  He is on life support going into the next two contests.  Given the revelations that he tends to crack under pressure, it could be an interesting two to three weeks following the Rubio campaign.

Finally, Chris Christie should probably go back to Jersey.  The question is: where will his supporters land?  Stylistically, they should go to Trump, but I know a lot of moderate Republicans who really liked Christie.  Will they latch on to Bush or Kasich?

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