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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Walking Dead Liveblog

So... war.

Mo' Michonne!
Trying to explain the Walking Dead to my dad during commercial breaks.

Turn Milton and you win Woodbury.

Andrea... what a wuss...

Uh., Andrea.. Milton's gay...

Andrea-centric episodes tend to suck.  Just saying.
C'mon Tyrese.  Stay away from the dark side.

Hey, Tyrese.  Ditch the assholes.

Andrea sucks at killing Walkers.  Too histrionic.
Nice scene.  Tyrese's decency becomes his central defining characteristic.

Rule #1 of Zombieland: cardio.
Is this Morgan World?

Or Governorama?

Some nice visual compositions, but Andrea episodes...

Well, I had Michonne in the most zombie kills pool.  Guess I lost.

Two can play the zombie bomb game.
Oh, if the Governor is dead, that gets the Coen Brothers "No Country..." award for biggest off screen kill.  Of course, he ain't dead.  And I'm guessing Milton flamed the new zombie bomb at the pits.

Nice.  Nothing like violence against women by the Governor.
Andrea-centric episodes...

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