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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Walking Dead Finale Liveblog

OK, we've had about five weeks of build up.  Better be worth it.

They've been running the previous seasons all week, and it really looks like Season Three is just amazingly better than the earlier ones.  Hope they can pull off an amazing ending.
Oh, Milton...You aren't likely cut out for this.

Nice speech from the Governor about the intent of evil.

Yup, Milton was not cut out for this...

Wow, they're giving some good lines to the Governor...
The new talking version of Michonne could be on her way to being Team Grimes Co-Captain.

Well, that's one way to ring the doorbell.

If Team Grimes is smart, they'll be hitting Woodbury right now.
Now, someone pretty much has to die tonight, right?  I mean we killed T-Dog and Lori, who dies tonight?

Aside from Milton, obviously.

Shut up and get the handcuffs off, Andrea.

They can hit Walkers in the head from 150 meters, but they can't hit regular people center mass from in close.

Damn, Carl...
Once again, Team Grimes has the tactical sense of a newt.

Well... that evens the odds a bit.

If the theme of season three is "no one survives alone" and the Governor stands apart from that, then his downfall is pre-ordained.

Yoga: It can save your life in the zombie apocalypse.
So far this episode has been less bloody than an NCAA basketball game.  Not sure where the last 15 minutes go.

After the slaughter of his own people, I don't think they can extend the Governor to next season.  I think that story has run its course.

Carl will be running for Governor soon.  Damn.

Hey, Beth finally got to kill someone!

Is that supposed to be a cliffhanger?
Ah, it goes to 10:05.

I think we need to see some Tyrese/Governor combat.  I just feel like Tyrese will be the agent of justice.  Giving it to someone on Team Grimes - like Daryl - who may deserve it more seems too pat.

OK, they lock Andrea and the Governor in a room together after she turns.

Hmmm. moving Woodbury to the prison.  That's an unusual choice.

Not sure what to think of the ending.  Not quite the pay-off I thought it would be.

So the Governor is still out there with Martinez and Shumpert.  Carl is getting harder than diamonds.  A bunch of worthless old people in the prison.  And why didn't they move to Woodbury?

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