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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Walking Dead Liveblog

If I can tear myself away from Florida Gulf Coast.  I have them in my bracket.

I don't actually have a bracket.
And now the preamble to the final episode.  Hopefully something - you know - actually happens tonight.

Oh, no.  You're not really going to believe the Governor on this Michonne swap thing, are you?  How can Rick be both childishly naive and also a hard ass?

Merle: Voice of Reason.  Glimpse into the mind of insanity.  Good thing they have an actor who can pull both off.
Carol is rapidly becoming one of my favorite characters.

Daryl's hair cut now makes him look like Adam Lambert.

Daryl gets to deliver the point of season three: You can't do anything without other people anymore.

Herschel and Rick reach the right point together.  And now Merle takes things into his own hands, which makes him a good guy in his mind but a bad guy in the mind of the group. Brilliant.
Could be Daryl's big moment with Merle.

Glenn and Maggie are the lone light of normality.  Yeah, that's doomed.

Car alarms really are a pain...
Michonne digs the knife in pretty well.

Mathematically speaking, where do all the Walkers come from?

Nice Glenn.  Very romantic.

Merle is going Governor hunting.  I don't think that will end well.
Merle is indeed a sick puppy.

The Governor is a Biter...
Now, will Daryl go Hulk on the Governor?

Glenn needs a new form of courage now.

Rick admitting he was wrong seems like the end of the Ricktatorship.


Oh, man.  The Governor takes the cake in sickness.

One doesn't usually say "Poor Daryl" because Daryl is such a badass, but... poor Daryl.
Really impressive performance from Michael Rooker.  He did a whole lot tonight.  Wish they had given him more moments like that before they killed him.

Also, from the preview, looks like the group is going to run.  My guess is it won't be that easy.

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