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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Walking Dead Liveblog

Just watched last week's episode again.  Loved the Tom Waits song.  Loved it.  But I hope they don't do much more of that.  Keep the pop songs to a minimum.

Apparently the big thing that happens after the apocalypse is a lot of leaves get on the road.

Carl is jealous.  Which is sweet.  And Rick gets to be Dad to Carl again.

That backpack dude is having a shitty day.
Well, that's a barbeque I could skip.

My guess is a survivalist has made himself a little home.  And Carl went and ruined his day.

Ah ha!  Morgan makes a comeback.  Hope his kid is OK.
My bold prediction: Morgan has lost his son and has been driven mad by everything around him.  He becomes a foil for Rick who so close to walking down that road himself.

Oh, Morgan has a rec room.

Told you!

Michonne made a funny.

And now Michonne made a Walker Kabob.

Um... wow...
So... Is Morgan redeemable?  And by extension is Rick redeemable?  And will they get all his cool guns?  And a new crossbow for Daryl?

OK, that's awful.  Morgan wins worst story award.

Will Rick be "strong" and end Morgan's misery?  Isn't that what Morgan is telling him?  Asking him?
Oh, right.  Carl and Michonne.  Kind of forgot about them with all the awfulness.

Despite all my rage...

Really? A picture?
Michonne: Battle Tested, Carl Approved

One more time with backpack guy?

This time they pick him up?

Yeah, or that...

(Great panel on Talking Dead.  Smart for a change.)

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