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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Encouraging Signs, But....

It looks like we now have a "Gang" in the Senate of reasonable Republicans led by Minority Minority leader John McCain.  They moved the President's nominations past the filibuster rather than gut it.  Some of them even seem open to confirming judges.  They were the group that helped write immigration reform.

There has been more consistent pushback from the conservative think tank apparatus.  Norm Ornstein works for AEI, but I'm not sure he qualifies as part of the "conservative movement" anymore. But Ponnuru is no apostate.  And anyone who looks at the numbers has to understand the problems facing the GOP long term if they continue with their current behavior.

The House is - of course- a different beast.  And Tom Cole is among the more realistic and intelligent members of the House leadership.  It is notable this call did not come from Boehner.

So while there have been signs that the GOP wants to return to the old Washington traditions of log rolling and legislating, horse trading and pork barreling that made our country great, until I see real movement among the Crazy Caucus or efforts by Boehner to rein in the Crazy Caucus, I'm not holding my breath.

Still, it means that there is room to avoid the coming government shut down or at least make it brief.

But even those inside the GOP are saying that government by temper tantrum is ridiculous.

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