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H.L. Mencken

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Predictions Actually Aren't All That Hard, Even About The Future

Let's recap.

Congress routinely and overwhelmingly re-passes the Voting Rights Act every time it came up.

In the process of re-passing it, they discover all sorts of shenanigans designed to dilute and deter minority votes.  (Or in some cases, herd all the minorities into a single district.)

The Roberts Rump says that, "Hey, it's 2013!  Racism in voting isn't a big deal!"

Ginsburg notes that - in fact - there are a multitude of examples of efforts to deny people the vote.

The Roberts Rump tells her to shut up.

After a 5-4 ruling, all the areas that were under the pre-clearance restrictions fall all over each other to start restricting voting.

I've always admired Paul Krugman's ability not to go full Howard Beale.  But then again, most "liberal" analysts can look at what the Republicans are doing and say, "If they do A, then B will surely follow."  And sure enough, B comes galloping out of the gate.

Meanwhile, the GOP is predicting that we will all be marrying our dogs, that Obama will sell us out to the terrorists and that tax cuts will pay for themselves.

Something to keep in mind as we debate the two current most important issues on the docket: global warming and immigration reform.  Pretty much anything the GOP says will be wrong.

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