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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Walking Dead Liveblog

From the opening, are we to believe Rick has beaten his sword into a plowshare?

Because I can't imagine that lasting too long.
Who is "Mr. Dixon"?

I'm starting to wonder where all the walkers are coming from.  There simply aren't enough people in Georgia to create the population density of these walker hordes.

Wow, all sorts of romance happening in the prison.

And I guess we're also employing as many actors from The Wire as we can.

Hmm, they always start the season with a huge jump in story.  Certainly no exception here.
Why is there a blue Scottish woman in the Georgia woods?

Even after the apocalypse, kids are still assholes.

Even after the apocalypse, there are still nerds.
D'Angelo Barksdale is always causing problems.

At this point "It's Raining Men" should probably start playing.
I kind of dread seeing the blue Scottish woman's husband.

Why would the ceiling start falling in all over the place?  That doesn't make sense.

Beth looks like she needs a new boyfriend.

Rick is one seriously tormented soul.
How did THAT guy survive this long?

I always wondered if animals "turned".  I guess not.

Tyrese is kind of a big baby.

When is Daryl going to get romance?

Hm.  What killed nerd boy?

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