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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Walking Dead Liveblog

So, the Voice of Phineas (or is it Ferb) died in the shower for no apparent reason.

Whence do we go from here? Oh, yes, rats at the fence.  Delicious artisanal rats plated en fur, with a chain link remoulade.

Episode one of this season was just a taste to give us a sense of what they are about to lose.  Because this show is as sadistic as the Governor without enough sleep.

And the pretty girl is always the one they kill first.  Not that they aren't milking it for all it's worth.

Well, I guess they passed on subtlety...
Well, I'm no longer hungry.

Oh, Glenn and Maggie have their own place!  It's a one room walk-up, but nice views.

I got it!  The food is contaminated!  That's why the pig died.  The worms!

You know, skulls don't crush that easily.

D block?  More like Dead block.  Amirite?
Bald, bearded fat guy reminds me why this is a good show and not just a horror show.

Great.  Everyone is both infected and now liable to die from a completely unrelated illness.

That girl is kind of twisted.

Carol has become a certified badass.

Not much Tamiflu in the apocalypse.
Little sister speaks the truth.

Again, where are all these Walkers coming from?  There aren't enough people in Georgia to create all these Walkers.

Could be the return of the Ricktatorship?

So, I'm guessing Michonne had a child...

The eyes have it...
Rick - like Cincinnatus, must leave his fig and vine for some slaughter.

Carl has become the good kid he once was, but I imagine he will morph pretty quickly back to Kick Ass Carl.

Whoa.  Teared up completely at that scene with Michonne and Lil Asskicker.  Never seen that actress before this, but she's something else.

Pork is the other white meat.  Human is the other other white meat.

And the pig scene is pretty damned emotional, too.

I know that Walking Dead has zombies and a lot of gross-out stuff, but that last fifteen minutes had me in tears.  I can't say the same for Game of Thrones or most episodes of Breaking Bad.  But all the Kewl Kids love irony more than tears, so...
Good luck, Carol.  She's nuts and your luck with little girls isn't so good.

A little Shane moment there.

Just a little medical tip: if you think the pigs have flu, don't stand around with their blood all over you.

Um... damn.
Talking Dead makes me want to never listen to another Paramour song.

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