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Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Why Did Obummer Shut Down The Government?"

The right wing echo chamber is nothing if not consistent.  Their detachment from reality is complete.

We are already hearing the echo chamber say that they "won" the shutdown.  My guess is even that is a delusion too far.

In the final days, they tried to pin the unpopular shutdown in Obama for "not negotiating".  Over the next couple of months, we will see - presumably - negotiations between the Senate and House.  The House has never really wanted to propose the cuts necessary to make their budget a reality, so I don't see this ending well.

So, as we move towards a NEW shutdown in January, expect them to talk about how the Democrats won't negotiate on... something something something... and therefore it is the Democrats fault.

It would be helpful if David Gregory and Bob Schiefer and the rest consult this handy chart:

The only GOP reps to vote against re-opening government from outside the Confederacy and the Great Plains/Basin are: Justin Amash (MI), Michelle Bachmann (Insane), Kerry Bentivolio (MI), Larry Bucshon (IN), John Campbell (CA), Steve Chabot (OH), Chris Collins (NY), Jeff Denham (CA), Sean Duffy (WI), Scott Garrett (NJ), Bob Gibbs (OH), Andy Harris (MD),  Bill Huizenga (MI), Randy Hultgreen (IL), Duncan Hunter (CA), Bill Johnson (OH), Steve King (Moron), Doug Lamalfa (CA), Bob Latta (OH), Tom Marino (PA), Tom McClintock (CA), Luke Messer (IN), Candice Miller (MI), Scott Perry (PA), Tom Petri (WI), Joe Pitts (PA), Tom Reed (NY), Jim Renacci (OH), Dana Rohrbacher (CA), Todd Rokita (IN), Keith Rothfus (PA), Ed Royce (CA), Paul Ryan (Galt's Gulch), Jim Sensenbrenner (WI), Marlin Stutzman (IN), Mike Turner (OH), Tim Walberg (MI), Greg Walden (OR), Jackie Walorski (IN) and Brad Wenstrup (OH).

So, the Shutdown Caucus consists of the old Slave holding states, the Great Plains/Great Basin and a few other locales.  Notably, Indiana, which is culturally Southern outside of Indianapolis and Gary, the inland valleys of California, rural Wisconsin and the gerrymandered states of Michigan, Ohio and Pennsyltucky.

Conversely, just looking at the STATES that GOP reps came from who voted to re-open the government are: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Idaho, North Dakota, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, California, Colorado,  Montana, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Washington, Nevada, Minnesota, Iowa, and Alaska.

This is the contour of the current GOP civil war.  Even in the Red States listed first, there are GOP reps who realize the insanity of the current "governance by apocalypse that the Tea Party embraces.  But the majority of "yes" votes came from whatever representation the GOP has outside of the Red States.

Some Teatards threatened a third party after this.  We can only hope.  But more likely they will stay put and continue to argue against reality.

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