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H.L. Mencken

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shirley Temple

A few weeks ago, I saw a Buzzfeed piece, "10 People You Didn't Know Were Still Alive," headed by Shirley Temple Black.

Maybe there's a Buzzfeed Curse?

I remember back in the days of five channels that there would often be Shirley Temple movies on TV.  I mean, if your TV is black and white anyway....

They were curious movies, relics from a very different time.  I'm not sure I could sit through 15 minutes of one today.

But when you compare her life with the myriad of child stars from later eras who have become burned out, wasted shells of people, she gets my profound respect.  For the few times when a child star manages to become a functioning adult, one wonders if they shared some template with Temple Black.

So kudos to her and her remarkable life.

Even if she was a Reagan Republican...

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