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H.L. Mencken

Monday, January 2, 2017

The Future Of ACA

Jon Chait has a great breakdown of why the GOP has talked themselves into a corner on Obamacare.

The key issues are as follows:

- The GOP has told people that Obamacare is the "greatest threat to liberty since slavery."  That's hard to walk back from.

- Obamacare is fairly popular with those who have it.  They might prefer it be easier or better, but they really like having it.  And there are close to 20 million of them.

- Obamacare has created markets in both insurance and delivery of health care that will be profoundly disrupted by repeal.  Hospital corporations and smaller insurance companies could face real financial hardships.

Chait notes that there is a potential way to avoid this: Repeal the law, but delay the repeal for as many as four years.  Then essentially wait for Trump to lose re-election and then go back to complaining about Obamacare.  I don't think that will work for either political or policy reasons.  Politically, not killing Obamacare in 2017 will create a riotous backlash among the Teanderthal base.  Policy-wise, it doesn't solve any of the issues surrounding uncertainty in the markets.

I have a hunch the GOP will give in to its mouth-breathing base and repeal the funding and watch the whole thing fall apart.

And then - no shitting here - we will watch people start to die from lack of coverage.

....But her emails....

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