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H.L. Mencken

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Good Analysis

Marshall is right that the current problems with Obamacare are political more than substantive.  Because of the crappy website and the confusion over who gets to keep their current plan and who doesn't, who wins and who loses, the genuine good news does not get reported.

While we don't know the number of people who will have to pay more out of pocket for insurance they don't need, we know the number is relatively small.  We also know that the breakdown in accessing the website means that some people who have existing policies are being pushed into expensive roll-over policies rather than shopping the exchanges, where they can find cheaper, better plans.

My guess is that the Congressional Democrats might coalesce around a Senate plan like Landrieu's.  Maybe it can be filibustered, but I bet it comes to a vote and passes, depending on Republican support.  Will Ted Cruz vote for a way to weaken the bill if it appears to be a chance to try and strengthen it?

But Obama will have to veto it.  The system needs everyone on board.  At most you could do a six-month delay, but that starts to push people into the mid-term elections.

Take your medicine now, as it were.

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