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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Walking Dead Liveblog

The return of the Governor.  I guess this was inevitable.  Still, I'd have liked to have developed some other storylines.

OK, after that opening, I'm glad to see the Governor back.
Wow, he really seems to be doing some sort of penance.

Or maybe he's paranoid.

The Gov was always so hard to read, that's working great now.

The family in the apartment definitely begs the question about how many small survivor groups might be out there.

And it occurs to me the Governor's presence explains why all those Walkers showed up at the fence.
Have you noticed that most of the women to survive the apocalypse are kind of hot?

It's kind of weird rooting for the Governor.
First aid as foreplay.  Romance at the end of the world.

Well.  This is a pretty interesting episode as a stand alone, but I wonder how we get back to the prison.
Nice chess metaphor.

How did these schlubs survive this long?

Ahhhhh, that's how the Governor comes back...

Or maybe not.  But somehow we have to go from little tamed Brian to the rage filled Governor again.
Road trip!  And a little sexual tension between the sisters, methinks.

OK, that was awfully gross.

Solid episode.  Got us out of the prison and reintroduced the perils of the road.

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