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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Walking Dead Liveblog

Will Herschel die?  Glenn?  The drug run group?

It's been a while since we've killed off a main character, so I think we're due.

Is Rick going to do something to Carol?  We have dramatic music, so maybe...

Lizzie is kind of nuts.  But she's a rational kind of nuts in this world.  She and Carol both.  That's a pretty messed up relationship.
Interesting.  Carol is using the logic that Rick using during the Ricktatorship.

Gas costs Hell during the apocalypse.

Tyrese is a little bundle of happiness, isn't he?

Oh, I think Tyrese just can't let it go...

It's interesting how the prison is a place of death with the sickness, but outside the prison is so much more tense.  Death is the prison seems depressing, because the prison was safe, but death outside the prison seems expected.
Carol may have just saved her life, if Rick was planning on killing her.

Ah... the crew.  The guy from Season Two.

"Anger makes you stupid and stupid gets you killed."  Words to live by.
As Marilyn Manson said, the show is really about morality.

This much talking, some one is about to die...

OK, someone besides her.
We are entering the carnage-zone of the show.  The last fifteen minutes is usually about death. I still have a bad feeling about this episode.

Again, too many walkers, mathematically speaking.

Now really isn't the time for an intervention.

Daryl just Big Dogged the hell out of Barksdale.
Wow.  An excommunication.  That's a first.

Carol seems to be taking this well...Can't decide what to make of that.

Hunh.  While exiling Carol was a big move, that's not the sort of big move I was expecting.

The professional wrestler on Talking Dead just made more sense than Marilyn Manson did.

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