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Friday, November 15, 2013

The ACA Website Fix

A bunch of code writers did something incredibly smart and easy.  It's called

Basically, what it seems to do is allow you to shop for plans.

This basic failure of the ACA Website is the worst failure it has.

Now actually signing up for health insurance through the website is - and probably ought to be - really thorough.  And thorough means slow.  They have to verify your income, your marital status, your residency, what kind of care you may qualify for from the VA or other government entities... there's a lot going on.

But one thing you should be able to do is sign on, give your zip code and compare prices.  I entered a zip code for Austin, Texas (Connecticut has set up an exchange that works outside the ACA website), entered the number of people in my family, the fact that I wanted a Silver level plan and it gave me the four prices per month for health insurance in Texas for me and my family.

Now, the one thing it doesn't do is describe the plans in detail.  I'd call that a glitch, frankly.

But it can tell your VERY FAST what plans are available and at what cost.

And some guys threw this together in a few days.

The fact that no one thought, "Hey, we should have a shopping website and a separate buying website." is mind-boggling.

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