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H.L. Mencken

Monday, January 23, 2012

The State Of Our Union Is... Meh

If Tom Selleck gave the SoTU, he would create hamburger waterfalls 
in accordance with our native ancestors wishes.

So, we pivot from the "WTF was South Carolina thinking" moment to "Why is Obama such a huge, quivering failure?" moment as we get ready for the State of the Union address.

AP has a story up about how Obama is a huge, quivering failure because he laid out all these wonderful goals last year, right after Gabby Gifford was shot and Congress agreed to play nice for 15 minutes.  And then... Wha happen?

Absent from the story, and likely absent from any coverage of Obama's struggle to achieve any legislative milestones this year, is the fact that the GOP became entirely an obstacle and not a partner in governing.  This cannot be over-stressed.

The public is already on board with this narrative, as Congress has approval ratings within the margin of error of zero.  I don't think Obama will have trouble selling this idea when he ramps up his campaign.

But it is distressing that a President who has had the most legislative success of any President since LBJ, if not FDR, would be labelled a failure.

I mean, aside from keeping the GOP from defaulting on our debt, extending payroll tax credits and ratifying START and a trade agreement with South Korea, what has Obama done since the LAST SotU?

Oh, yeah.....

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