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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trouble Brewering In Arizona

Obama at the Arizona airport.

A wee contretemps in Arizona, as shriveled Governess Jan "Not The Brady Bunch One" Brewer went to great the President of the United States.  She handed him a letter and asked to meet him about all those brown people who wake her up with the leaf blowers at 8AM.  Obama replied that the last time they met about this, she wrote a scathing and almost assuredly false account of the meeting in her book:  "Scorpions In My Mind: Sh!t I Hallucinated".

Well!  One does not talk to the Governess that way.  It was almost, dare I say, uppity!

She responded by saying she has all the respect in the world for the office of the Presidency.  But not so much for Nubian currently occupying said office.

There was a great scene in the old, lamented West Wing, where a Dr. Laura type gets torn to absolute shreds by President Bartlett.  The lesson being, you can disagree with the President, but you don't get to say you "respect the office" when you disrespect the man who holds it.  Disagree.  Vehemently if you want.

But don't be petty about it.

Jan Brewer.  Rick Scott.  Scott Walker.  John Kasich.  Rick Snyder. Maybe even Mitch Daniels.

They are all governors of swing states.  They are all awful, petty people.  One can't help but think that, when voters go to the polls in November, their dissatisfaction with their current lame - possibly criminal - governors won't engender a backlash against the party of fools who put them there.

UPDATE: Jon Chait feels this is a clever way for Obama to reach out to Hispanic voters in Arizona, a state he's got a slight chance of winning this year.

Meanwhile, check out the comments in this thread if you want to see what the current state of thinking is within the GOP.  Pay special attention to the "rec'ed" comments.

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