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H.L. Mencken

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home Again, Thank FSM

Today was Dad's day on the road trip, and we hit the history.  We went to Seneca Falls to the Women's Rights Historical Site.  Very disappointed, as it felt dated and very early '90s, which is twenty years ago now, people.  We also went to Ft. Stanwix, which is SUPPOSED to feel dated, but part of the Seneca Falls exhibit is the idea that the struggle for equality is still going on.  If everything feels two decades old, it lets the visitor off the hook.  Plus it just felt second rate.

In between we went to the Erie Canal Village, which was also kind of seedy, tired and run down.  Unfortunately, we spent too much time there, as we only had about 30 minutes in Ft. Stanwix.  That's a shame, because it was really well done and right up the boy's alley.  They were attentive and good sports for the most part in Seneca Falls, which I'm sure their mother appreciated from afar.  But Ft. Stanwix would have been a great opportunity to get them really hooked on history and we had to dash through it.  It was a bit strange, as it sits in a green space in the middle of downtown Rome, NY.  Other than that, it was pretty cool.

Once we win the lottery and take a barge tour up the Erie Canal, we will go back and see it properly.

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