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H.L. Mencken

Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Just One Poll But...

Pew is a pretty good pollster and a seven point lead is a pretty big deal.

Remember when Cory Booker said he was unsettled by the Obama campaign highlighting Romney's Bain Capital ties?  Hey, Cory, not your finest moment.

Romney faced a bunch of JV Lightweights in the nominating process.  Only Perry had the organizational capacity to go toe to toe with him and Perry appears to be brain dead.

I mean, Herman Cain?

The Obama campaign has spent the last month and a half hitting Romney where is hurts.  And he has neither the chops nor the biography to answer  back.

We haven't seen the full impact of the Citizens United millions, but unless the GOP manages to disenfranchise people (and they are trying in PA and FL) I don't see Romney closing the gap on his personal story and his personal appeal.

UPDATE:  Exhibit A: This is the house Romney's HORSE lives in.  No word yet on whether the horse had an ARM with Countryside.

UPDATE 2: This is a target rich environment and Booman lands a blow:
 But even if Romney is essentially telling the truth about not having anything to do with Bain's day-to-day operations, he doesn't want to have to explain why he received a $100,000 salary for doing nothing. This is particularly true because last night he accused the entire NAACP membership of just wanting free handouts from the government. How about no-work jobs? I thought only the mafia created those. Is that really what Romney wants to argue? That he got paid to do nothing? Wasn't he trying to act like a big man at the time by ostentatiously refusing payment for his work on the Olympics? That's easy to do when when Bain is paying you $100,000/yr. Of course, his salary was just pocket change compared to his financial interest in the company itself.

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