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H.L. Mencken

Friday, August 31, 2012

Paul Ryan Might Be A Sociopath

Paul Ryan gave an interview where he boasted of his running a sub 3 hour marathon.  Which is a legit big deal.  For runners.

Well, guess what...He's lying about that, too.

Let's just take a moment to think about that.  Talking about whether you ran a decent marathon time is probably a moment prone to bullshit.  However, he's a politician who probably gave Al Gore grief for "inventing the Internet".  So, Al Gore never claimed to invent the Internet, that was entirely made up.  But Paul Ryan is on the record lying about his marathon time.

That's kind of pathological.

Because you can't - I mean you absolutely can't - expect that in this day and age you can make a statement and not get checked on it.  That was true in Al Gore's day, it was true in George "Macaca" Allen's day and it's true now.

So basically, Paul Ryan is a reflexive liar.  And I mean that in the sense that he really just goes along and... BAM... there goes a lie.  It's not something he consciously thinks about - the way I imagine Mitt Romney lies - but rather a complete reflex.

Of course, there is an alternate explanation.  Paul is so demonstrably awful at math, that he really thought he ran a sub 3 hour marathon, because 3... 4... what's really the difference when you're talking hours... or trillions of dollars.

UPDATE: Fallows does a good job:

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