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H.L. Mencken

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wait! What?

Well, the Missouri Senate race just got interesting.  Rep. Todd Akin apparently said that victims of "legitimate rape" don't get pregnant.  They have hormones and shit that send microscopic Christian paladins into her uterus to defend it against rape semen.  Well, legitimate rape semen.  All these "new" forms of rape that those women libbers dreamed up - date rape, acquaintance rape, rape by a lacrosse player from a nice family - those rapes don't count.  If you're not getting raped in an alleyway,Todd Akin thinks you're just playing hard to get.

Look, there are an onion's layers worth of dumbass at work here.

First, the idea that women have some sort of natural spermicidal abilities to protect them from rapists.  Second, the idea of "legitimate" vs "illegitimate" rape.  Third, well... just... DAMN!

Todd Akin's views about legitimate rape are no doubt shared by millions of Americans.  I'm guessing about 27% of Americans agree with Representative Akin on this.  I remember being in college when the idea of date rape began to be discussed openly and frankly.  I remember thinking, "OK, I got it.  No means no."  And then I got tired of being browbeaten by it.  But then you start to talk to women and the startling numbers of them who have been raped or sexually assaulted, and you realize you were being a self-centered little prick all those years ago.

In other words, you develop some empathy and grow the hell up.

Or, as a contrary plan, you could become a dumbass like Todd Akin.

And here's the thing, too.  Akin is - OF COURSE - a Tea Party favorite.  His combination of stupid and mean is not an accident.  It is a product of the takeover of the GOP by the John Birch Society and it's ideological minions.

And if you sit there and rationalize a way to vote for these evil SOBs, then YOU are an evil SOB.  If you convince yourself that Paul Ryan is a "serious" thinker on the deficit, and decide to vote for Republicans, then you are enabling the viciously stupid - like Todd Akin - to help set the course of this nation.  I don't care that Mitt Romney tried to be a moderate in Massachusetts.  I have seen wet paper towels with more tensile strength than Mitt Romney.

If we get a Romney White House, a Cantor led House and a McConnell led Senate, Todd Akin will be writing laws about what constitutes legitimate and illegitimate rape.  Bank on it.  Don't believe me?  Check out what the House has spent this Congress doing.  Not addressing 8% unemployment, no.  They've introduced dozens of bills about abortion and Planned Parenthood.

They have gone insane as a party.  The Republican party has swallowed the Old Confederacy and with it its grudges and racial resentment.  And this blackity black President with the Mooslum name has driven them absolutely insane.

Todd Akin is just stupid enough to say represent what those 27% really believe.

God help us all if they win.

I mean that.

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