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H.L. Mencken

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Clowns To The Left Of Me, Chokers To The Right

The GOP reaches out to women voters.

The House passed the Senate version of the Violence Against Women Act.  The Senate version provides for protection for women on reservations, who were undocumented or were in same sex relationships.  The GOP House version stripped those out provisions because Native Americans snuck in here with their butch lesbian lovers to have anchor babies or something.

The GOP thus managed to fight a one year losing battle to protect some forms of abuse of women.  Really.  Well played, sirs.

While 87 Republicans voted for the Senate version, 138 did not.  Needless to say all 199 Democrats voted for it.

So a majority of Republican House members decided to vote against protecting some women from abuse and violence.  Presumably, straight, white women were worth protecting, but brown and lesbian women weren't.

Two things.  One, the majority of Republicans in the House are assholes.  They are mean-spirited, tight-assed jerks with the empathy of pavement.

Two, the Hastert Rule has died and thank goodness.

When we finally end this sequester nonsense, I think we can place the number of Republicans who vote for a sane way out to be around 87.  But I'll take the "under" on that bet.

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