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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Walking Dead Liveblog

OK, so Rick was freaking out, the Governor was plotting, Andrea was inspiring and Tyrese was perspiring.  Let's see where we go from here.

Has Ghost Lori come to absolve or torment?  Or is the torment the absolution?
The great thing about the Governor is that you're never quite sure if he's veering towards sincerity or just playing another game?  Is he a sociopath?  Or a damaged person?  He's a villain, but you're never sure if he's a complete monster.

Daryl agonistes.  Great storyline.

The new Glenn is a bad ass, but not as much fun as old Glenn.

How did Milton survive the apocalypse?
Milton, you probably aren't going to beat Andrea... at anything.

See Glenn?  Being a badass isn't always a path to happiness.

Carol's got a boooooyfriend...

Is the new Daryl finally going to realize that Merle has never changed?
Oh, Daryl just got zombie kill of the week...  OK, zombie kills of the week.

Ah, the showdown!

Yay!  Daryl!

I always thought the Governor staged the fight between Merle and Daryl in order to get Merle inside the prison.  What will he do if Merle comes back a failure?
So... what's up with Rick?  And Tyrese's group for that matter?

Herschel is the new Dale.

Baby therapy.  Talk therapy.  It's all good.  Still, some Abilify might be nice for Rick about now.

OK, so much for Carol and Axel...
That whole thing was more than just a little kick ass.  Wow.  All that was missing was a Tyrese sighting.

I think Rick is angry.  Just a hunch.

Was the Governor's attack on the prison a way to get Merle into the prison?

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