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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Walking Dead Liveblog

Well, let's see what the Governor has in store tonight.

Or what they have in store for the Governor.

Merle being Merle.  Herschel being Jeremiah.

Carl... ouch.  Yet... aww.
Merle and Herschel, quite an odd couple.

Maybe Merle isn't a mole.  Still not sure, but maybe.

Carol sometimes seems like a comparable moral center to the show with Herschel.  I'm not sure that they have used her properly.

Oh, Andrea.  You can't trust Milton with your secrets.

The Governor needs a pirate eye patch.  There we go.

Oh, Milton...
(Christoph Waltz?  Really?  Over Alan Arkin, Robert DeNiro and Tommy Lee Jones?)

Andrea learned a few things from Michonne.

Ah... Tyrese!

I'm guessing Michonne isn't the forgiving kind of person.

Noooo, not Tyrese in Woodbury!
Andrea makes an entrance..

"Where's Shane?"  Ummm.

Wow, that was really interesting.  Andrea was making sense in a pre-zombie world.  But maybe Rick and the group were right in rejecting what seems like a reasonable offer of mediation.
Michonne finally has a speaking part!

Aha!  Interesting change of direction.  And Tyrese knows about the back entrance.

Wow, Carol.  So much for being the moral center...

So what will be the moment when Andrea opens her eyes?
Actually, what will be the moment when Tyrese opens his eyes?

So, will Andrea try Carol Coitus Interruptus?

Wow, Tom Waits of course survives the apocalypse.  Beth's a better singer than Tom, but some things simply can't be killed.

Ah, there's Tom...  Somehow perfect.  Not a huge fan of the use of pop songs, but I'll make an exception.

Oh, Andrea.  Love is a weakness in the land of the Walking Dead.

Interesting teaser for next week.  I guess they didn't want to put too much into the Oscars episode.
I took the character quiz and came up as Glenn.  Interesting.

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