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H.L. Mencken

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Random Oscar Observation

I worked really hard to see as many Best Picture nominees as I could.

The one I missed was Life of Pi.

I think the Steven Spielberg hate is kind of lame.  Lincoln was amazing.  Just because so many of the voters didn't like history class is no reason to torment the poor man.

I guess Lincoln could still win under the nine nominations curveball. but it looks like  Life of Pi's night.
Wow, totally thought it would be Jessica Chastain.  But Jennifer Lawrence actually did a great job with a tricky role.
"Our next presenter needs no introduction."  That was pretty funny.

If it's not Daniel Day Lewis, I'll plotz.

Joaquin Phoenix was having a snack.

Good!  Amazing performance, impossible role.  Wow, first guy to win three Best Actor awards.

OK, stayed up this long...

Argo?  What the f......?!?!?

I blame Obama.

No seriously, I blame Obama.

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