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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The DC Media Establishment Is Broken

"Do you agree?"  "I agree."

Let's segue from Jennifer Rubin to, well, most everyone else who writes about politics in DC.

The "both side do it, and while we recognize that the GOP is really to blame, Obama should use Jedi mind tricks to end this crisis" meme is going full bore.

Similarly, the Supremes are likely to strike down the Voting Rights Act in another pulled out of their asses 5-4 act of judicial nullification of decades of established law.  This will pass unnoticed as an act of judicial malpractice, because, well, opinions differ.

While I get that people like Bob Woodward represent a form of collective establishment small-c conservatism, the fact is that one reason the GOP refuses to acknowledge settled fact is the prevalence of this false equivalency journalism.  If Bob Woodward and David Ignatius suggest that the sequester is Obama's fault because he can't talk the House GOP from being batshit insane, why should the House stop being batshit insane?

And one of the primary forms of attack on this terrible journalistic malpractice has been the blogosphere.  Ezra Klein got his start as a blogger, so did Nate Silver.  They both take the position that actual facts matter.

BTW, if the VRA is repealed I give Texas a week before they start gerrymandering the shit out of their state districts.

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