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H.L. Mencken

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fact Checking

Interesting moment in fact checking.  The Democrats, most notably Kathleen Sebelius, have said that the Romney-Ryan plan will require seniors to pay $6400 a year in health care costs.

This is apparently Pant-On-Fire because that was only the Ryan plan.  The Romney plan - as usual - promises ponies, but doesn't exactly spell out how those ponies will A) come to your house and B) not shit all over your living room.  But... PONIES!

Part of Romney's substance free policy approach is that it allows him to avoid pointing out the popular stuff he will have to cut in order to fulfill the promises he's making.

The downside is that you can run the numbers that Romney's plan DOES give you and say things like "Mitt Romney will raise taxes on the middle class."  And you can say that because Mitt promised to cut taxes and also balance the budget by closing loopholes and the only way to make that true is to end the mortgage tax credit, which - ta da - raises taxes on the middle class.

I know that fact checkers are important, but it seems to me you have three categories: Truth, Lie and Spin.

What the Democrats are doing is Spin.  They are taking some facts and reaching conclusions from those facts.  They are also taking Ryan's plan - which every House Republican voted for - and using that instead of Romney's.

That's different from saying "Obama is ending the work requirement in welfare" but sadly they are all treated the same.

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