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H.L. Mencken

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Reflections On The First Night

Smiling dude is smiling.

Some nice body blows from Deval Patrick.  Couldn't listen to O'Malley, something about his voice.  Loved Kal Penn's outreach to slackers and stoners.  Lily Ledbetter eats iron and shits nails.

(UPDATE: Watched a little bit of Strickland's garroting of Romney.  Holy crap.  Oh, and Stacey Lihn: heartbreaking.)

Julian Castro was great.  Watching the FLOTUS now.

What strikes me as a difference is that this has been much more positive than the RNC.  Another difference is that they are actually talking about Obama.  Romney was kind of MIA in the RNC.

Finally - and amazingly - the military was missing from the RNC, but it's front and center in the DNC.

I really like Michelle Obama's speaking style.  I like the little stutter she has, feels conversational.

It's pretty clear that they are focusing on women and Hispanics, but they are doing it in a way that is not exclusionary.

I wasn't going to watch, but it was pretty good.

We'll see if it beats Honey Boo Boo in the ratings.

"So young, so in love, so in debt."  #thingsromneydoesnotunderstand  The FLOTUS is filleting R-Money without ever mentioning his name.

Remarkably full throated defense of marriage equality throughout the night,

I got something in my eye again...

I had no idea Michelle Obama was the best public speaker in that family.

UPDATE: Howard Fineman talking on MSNBC about an enthusiasm gap.  And it's applying to Obama?

UPDATE 2: Watching Andrea Mitchell interview Chuck Schumer.  And people wonder why I believe in zombies?

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